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7 Big Name Brand Case Studies on Video Marketing

7 Big Name Brand Case Studies on Video Marketing
04 Jul

7 Big Name Brand Case Studies on Video Marketing

Do you ever wonder how the marketing videos for business create such a hype over their brand? What kind of best video marketing campaigns works the best in the long run? Here are seven interesting case studies on brand videos that went viral, for you to check out by some of the big brands. Using a variety of different techniques and video types, they all found success using the power of video.

KFC Social Media Case Study Video

In a recent social media case study, KFC was considered the number one restaurant on social media. Their increased engagement rate was three times the national industry average in India. It might amaze you to hear that a well-known chicken restaurant is flying high on social media, but this video shows how a company can focus on a specific objective when creating marketing videos and achieve their goals by keeping the approach specific.

Sensis Case Study Video

In this case study video, you will see how their video marketing study purpose was to increase their level of engagement with consumers by using search engine marketing and optimization services through this digital advertising agency. Sensis is a well-known digital ad agency that focuses on increasing the reach of their primary audience through highly-targeted ad campaigns. Sensis is also the number one print directory publisher in Australia.

Contour Digital Campaign Case Study Video

This video illustrates a digital marketing case study that focused on the Coca-Cola brand. Coca-Cola is the world’s largest brand of carbonated beverages. This campaign was launched on their 100th anniversary and the goal was to locate more people by creating happiness online and spreading it to others. Their “happiness” video marketing campaigns have gone viral in many cases right after they published them and some have received over 30 million views! Watch the video on the link above to see how the Coca-Cola company used social media to launch this specific happiness video marketing campaign.

HubSpot Video Marketing Campaign

HubSpot is well-known for their ability to help business customers improve their level of engagement and sales. Using HubSpot’s internet and video marketing platform, this video shows how they were able to increase their results by many times over. They focus on highlighting beneficial outcomes for their customers through a highly focused video marketing campaign.

You’ll see that in this video, their customer, ShoreTel, a communications company from California, was able to move their business forward after utilizing the tools available with HubSpot’s managing platform and tools.

HubSpot created a video campaign that surrounded the brand with the idea of brand authenticity. This worked for the ShoreTel company and they were able to increase their revenue and results over a relatively short period of time.

Squarespace Video Marketing Study

In this unique video marketing campaign, Squarespace used the well-known actor, Jeff Bridges to advertise the Squarespace platform. He tells the story of how he likes to hear “relaxing sounds” while out in the wilderness in order to get more sleep. In a humorous fashion, Bridges unfolds the story for the video audience and then shows how you can upload sounds to the Squarespace platform and start your own website.

This is employing an effective technique known as a “testimonial” or narrative form of video ad strategy using a well-known character or actor such as Bridges to tell the story. Because of the credibility of the actor, the results are good because of his fanbase and because people trust Jeff Bridges to tell them the truth.

Of course, in this example, it is understood that Bridges is kidding with the audience somewhat, since most of the ‘relaxing sounds’ are far from relaxing. But you get the point. Using a well-liked person to tell the story about your brand could be a successful approach to your video marketing techniques and strategies.

FedEx Video Case Study

FedEx also has a great video campaign that gets across the idea about their services. In the above marketing video and case study, FedEx wanted to communicate to their audience how their service actually works by lining up a number of toys and merchandise on a conveyor belt, as though they were awaiting the day they would arrive at their destination. It shows visually how the FedEx service works and makes it simple for people to understand.

This video increased FedEx’s sales greatly after its release and proved to be a rewarding case study for FedEx.

Schneider Electric: The Emotional Factor

This is a fun video that uses big events like the launching of a space shuttle, the development of internet in third world countries, and crowdfunding videos that help bring the whole world together. The video appeals to the emotions by using evocative images while also showing the heart of the business by illustrating the various things the company has done to bring the world of communications to remote areas of the world and to make life easier.

The idea behind a video marketing campaign like this is that using evocative techniques for a video marketing strategy is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your target audience. The idea is that, if they can relate to your message, they will be more likely to convert. This technique proved highly successful for this electric and communications company and it can do something similar to your brand, as well.

Summary: video marketing strategies

What do all of these best video marketing campaigns have in common? They all take the approach that it is important to know their audience and to appeal to them in one way or the other. While they each take a uniquely different approach to their ad campaigns, they still focus on what their customers are interested in and try to bring in a human component to their message.

For example, in the Coca-Cola ad, not one mention is made of the soda itself. It’s all about using Cokes to make people happy by spreading the joy of sharing a soda with someone else. This type of global human kindness approach can be highly effective when you avoid trying to sell people something and instead focus on what they need.

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